Friday November 8, 2002 (cont.):  Once everyone was on board we set off.  Adrian raised the main sail and soon we were in full sail!  Several of the people on board had not been to Little Bay so he took us over there for a look.  We saw several birds settled down roosting for the night.  Then we saw a magnificent sunset made even more beautiful as we witnessed it gliding soundlessly through the water.

Captain Rollins and his cousin Adrian made a truly enjoyable evening!  This is on my MUST DO list for anyone going to Anguilla.  You will not regret it.  I REALLY REALLY mean it!  And if you see Captain Rollins tell him Missouri says hi!

An interesting side note here - one of the couples from Cove Castles was supposed to be vacationing on St. Barts.  They arrived and thought the atmosphere where they were staying was WAY too fancy - everyone running around in high heels, etc. so they called their travel agent and after 2 hours in St. Barts moved over to Anguilla.

When we returned to Sandy Ground Village after 2 glorious hours on Chocolat, we decided to eat at Captain Rollins' wife Jacquie's restaurant Ripples.  We were not sorry.  Mike had a cheeseburger which he said was really good but not quite as good as Tasty's.  I had a Caesar salad and grilled snapper.  Melt in my mouth grilled snapper.  Mike said the bite of my grilled snapper that he had was the best meal he had on the island.  It was truly that good.  The service here was very quick and wonderfully attentive.  I would not hesitate to return to this restaurant or recommend it to anyone.  Did I mention that the snapper was FABULOUS?  A bargain at $50.

Back to the villa to pack (yuck!), sit on the terrace and absorb as much of the sounds as we could so we can recall them any time we need a small mental vacation.  Joyce brought her daughters Melissa and Malika over to wish us farewell.  They are lovely young ladies (but how could they not be with a mother like Joyce?)  This was such a nice surprise!

We thought maybe if we didn't go to bed the night would never end and we would never have to leave but that darned old clock just kept ticking.  So we reluctantly turned in for our last night of falling asleep to the sound of the ocean :-(

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